A 50-Year Resilience Master Plan for Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes

How can we strengthen Calcasieu and Cameron parishes over the next 50 years, to allow our communities to thrive?

Now’s the time to imagine our futures. Just imagine what Southwest Louisiana can be in years to come.

Executive Summary
Project Overview

Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes were devastated by Hurricanes Laura and Delta in the Fall of 2020 and weather events in the Spring of 2021. Following the storms, a generous donation to the Community Foundation SWLA offered an opportunity to infuse hurricane recovery efforts with a comprehensive vision for the broader region. The Just Imagine SWLA project will create a 50-year resilience plan for Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes, including 10 specific projects that will show the potential of the region and lay out strategies to implement them.



During the first step, we gathered information, met with stakeholders, and invited you to share your ideas during three Listening Workshops in mid-November 2021. The team summarized themes from the multiple methods of engagement to create the project’s vision and goals.



Based on Step 1 input, community members saw ideas for the 10 projects and had the opportunity to provide feedback on them. These projects focus on key areas including infrastructure, housing, economic development, community planning, and natural/cultural resources. Click the button below to learn more about the 10 projects and engage online!



Building on the Testing Workshops, the project team will draft the resilience master plan. The third round of workshops in June 2022 will explore feasibility, timelines, priorities, costs, and potential partnerships to help our community members accomplish the plan’s goals. The final plan will be focused on actionable steps for implementation.

See What the Community Said

Plan Recommendations Idea Wall

The Idea Wall has been updated to include Plan Recommendations for the 5 Plan Area Topics - Community Planning, Housing, Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Natural & Cultural Resources. Read through the plan recommendations, give a thumbs up or thumbs down for the recommendations you like and don't like, and add any additional recommendations you think we should consider.